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 Readjusting in guild

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PostSubject: Readjusting in guild   Readjusting in guild Icon_minitimeSat Jun 20, 2009 1:30 am

members keep Team killing in PvP...we should do something..
esp chaozwiz..u come in with a new char..and did not tell us that was you..when u got killed u switch to your wizard and kill back..is that purposely finding fault or trying to act your strong??? serious talk here
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PostSubject: Re: Readjusting in guild   Readjusting in guild Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 1:46 am

maybe u all should know... "PVP" = Player vs Player"..means..no same party = DIE...

its not GVG "Guild Vs Guild"

dont too emo...hahaha..so better before u go pvp..pls find ur team 1st [ same guild ]
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Readjusting in guild
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